Do You Need A Website Redesign - Seven Signals Your Website Is Dead

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With time, small business websites start to show their age. To stay on top of your game, you need to take an active role in reviewing your website's graphics, content and technology on a regular basis. So , is it time for a website redesign? The following seven clues are strong indicators your small business internet site is in need of a serious website redesign. 1 . If your small business internet site is badly outdated, it's time for a website redesign.

Above all else, in case your small business website hasn't seen a great scrubbing in years, you need an internet site redesign. Websites need periodic up-dates to remain relevant. So if you haven't up-to-date your site with new product images, program information, graphics, photos and other content material in the last few years, you need to redesign your site.

2 . If your small business website is definitely winded trying to keep up with competitors, you will need a website redesign.

Just because you aren't internet savvy, certainly does not mean your customers usually are. It is mission critical your website provides relevant content that is continuously updated and differentiates you from the competitors. Take a look around at the content, visuals and branding of your competitors' internet sites. Is your site at the top of the heap? If your small business website doesn't be noticeable and brand your business, it's period for a website redesign.

3. Does your website provide an unified brand picture that presents your business as the solution? If not, it's time for a site redesign.

For many small business owners, your website can create the first impression customer's possess of your business. It's crucial a person present a strong visual image for customers to connect with. Play into the emotional needs, dreams and goals of your audience. An amateur small business site or template site is a certain way to crater your image. In case your website needs a brand image change, you need to redesign your website.

4. Are you currently using a website template? If so, body fat ifs ands or buts about this, you need a website redesign.

Sure, free and cheap website templates can save you cash on the front end, but it's going to price your dearly on the back end. Small business websites using FrontPage, Publisher or clipart graphics need to be redesigned. The above technologies will seriously damage your credibility and professionalism. Step up plus run with the big dogs! Web design advancements have leapt past these templates and made them virtually outdated. If you're still using a starter web site or free website template, it really is definitely time for a website upgrade.

5. Is your small business website able to grow with your business? If your site is constricting your online presence, it can time for a website redesign.

Will be your website one big colossal headaches every time you need to add new content? If you have to redesign large parts of your website to accommodate minor website updates, you need an internet site redesign. New technologies are making it easier than ever for small business owners to take power over managing their website with little technical experience. Ask your web designer about using a Content Management System, such as WordPress when redesigning your website.

six. If your website's content has more facial lines than your great grandmother, they have time for a website redesign.

No one likes to read the latest news, simply to realize they've been duped. If your website content is badly outdated, and yes it no longer holds relevance, your customers usually are going to want to read it. Plus search engines won't like it either! If the majority of your small business website content is usually outdated, it's a strong indication you should bite the bullet in favor of an internet site redesign.

7. Is your small business website built like a catacomb? If yes, it's time for a site redesign.

We all dislike the moment when we realize, "I'm lost... I haven't a clue in which the hell I am! " The same holds true when it comes to your website. If customers cannot find what they're looking for, quick and easily, you need a website upgrade. Unlike the offline world, if a potential customer leaves your website because they got lost... they'll leave with their wallet and never come back.

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